Business Consulting Services

Client Challenge

A NSW State Government Department (“the Department”) was a newly established authority that reported directly to the Minister on the performance of NSW Government Departments in meeting their information responsibilities.

The Department needed to assess, given its structure and charter, how to cost effectively source its Information Technology requirements without compromising its business activities and independence.

FinXL was engaged to undertake an assessment of the options for meeting the Department’s requirements, including (1) Shared Service offerings, (2) Internal provisioning and (3) Direct sourcing from external providers. The assessment was to provide independent advice to the Department on the costs and benefits (financial and non-financial) of the various options and the long-term sustainability of the solutions.

FinXL Solution

FinXL engaged with the Department to identify and document its key technology requirements and their linkage to perceived business benefits. This included interviews with key stakeholders and an analysis of common business functions applicable to a government authority of the size and complexity of the Department. These requirements were then mapped to the Shared Service offerings available and to those available (at an indicative cost) from market providers. In-house provisioning was also considered for certain services. On an individual technology requirement basis an assessment of the relative costs and benefits was prepared.

Client Benefit

The Analysis provided the Department with an independent assessment of the Costs and Benefits associated with the sourcing of key technology functions through the 3 options above.

The analysis provided sufficient information for the Department to assess the cost of servicing against the functionality to be delivered, the service levels that would apply, the sustainability of the solutions, and the impact, if any, on the Department’s non-functional business imperatives.