CX Designer

Location: Melbourne CBD, Victoria
Job Type: Temporary
Specialisation: Banking & Financial Services
Salary: Negotiable
Reference: TR/012651_1658308908
Contact: Erika Ventura
Email: email Erika

FinXL I.T Professional Services is an innovative Australian owned company providing our clients with technology enabled business solutions and consulting services.
As the 'go-to' mid-tier Service Provider for many Australian and International clients, FinXL enjoys a diverse client portfolio, boasting some of the industry's leading: Telecommunication, Banking and Finance and Commercial Corporations, along with many State and Federal Government Departments.

We are looking for a CX Designers to join our team. There has been many complaints and fraud losses over a number of years relating to withdrawals that were not authorised from a customer's account. A personal banking audit item was raised as well as an enterprise Matter of interest to investigate.

The investigation identified 20 causes for the above that will need to be addressed by this project. These breakdowns more simply to the below.

  • There is authority on an account and there is also authority in channels.
  • Channels and account authority should be aligned but are not due to different form inputs, different definitions, and different backend system inputs.
  • inputs into both systems are manual and there is no control over input.
  • Customers and banker do not understand the inputs into either system or form and have different understanding of what access is being provided.
  • The forms are designed quite badly and provide a mixture of accesses for different persons depending on what sections are filled in.
  • The forms need to be signed by different persons at different times and depending on what section is filled in.

The goal of this project is to remove the above gaps.

The aim of this project is to remove both account and channel authority paper forms and migrate into one digital banker form. The form will eventually become self-service as well to customers in channels. The form will be integrated with DocuSign for customers to digitally sign contracts or tick box accept. Signature confirmation is planned to auto update the source system of records and auto apply where applicable.

The form will apply the policy and regulatory rules but also simplify for customers and bankers to understand.

This project will be split into 2 phases given the enterprise nature of the delivery. 1. Design and agreement, 2. Delivery.

This phased approach is due to the large amount of cross enterprise support needed to confirm the product and research before delivery.


  • Reduction in banker processing time
  • Reduction in SLA to update authorities
  • Reduction in Complaints
  • Reduction in reportable events
  • Reduction in non-lending losses.
  • Reduction in vulnerable customer impact
  • Customer and banker clarity on authority roles
  • Closure of AFCA systemic issue
  • Closure of audit and MOI item

Customer Impact & Benefit

  • Effectively allow authorities to be set up in all channels
  • Reduce potential losses to vulnerable customers and business customers
  • Increase understanding of authorities and access.

Colleague Impact & Benefit

  • Reduce time to setup authorities
  • Increased understanding of process
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Removal manual data entry into SOR systems


  • Customer research and insights
  • Customer journey map/service blueprint

Next steps:

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