A State Government department was looking to achieve a coordinated approach to its data and information requirements. At project commencement, there were over twenty fragmented, unsupported systems operating across the department that:

  • significantly limited their capacity to provide meaningful data or performance analysis
  • compromised the effective use of Government ICT expenditure
  • reduced the ability to collaborate
  • lead to duplication of effort and created information silos.

Our solution was to provide our Customer with the following:

  • gap analysis to clarify Business Information requirements
  • provide a Roadmap to implement short and long-term objectives (3 years)
  • provide schedule, budget, governance structure for implementing proposed initiatives
  • implement Roadmap as defined and as per agreed schedule, budget and scope.

Our Customer benefited through the implementation of a structured approach to information management. This resulted in:

  • a vast improvement on the department's ability to use data and carry out performance analysis to provide business insight
  • a more effective and efficient method for showing use of spend
  • collaboration functionality through the provision of data/information that could be compiled in a meaningful way to provide business value
  • integrated data processes across the whole of the department.