FinXL is committed to promoting environmental, social and governance good business practices. FinXL is a responsible corporate citizen and we acknowledge that we have a duty of care to others and to future generations and will therefore endeavour to act accordingly.

FinXL conducts its business in a transparent and ethical manner that is socially responsible and:

  • Is consistent with sustainable development and the general welfare of society;

  • Has due regard for the changing community standards and expectations;

  • Is compliant with all relevant legislation and regulations;

  • Is consistent and integrated throughout the company at each of its office locations across ANZ.

FinXL recognises that each person in our offices has an impact and can make a difference. Therefore, we:

  • Encourage and support staff (and contractors) with their local community activities and company initiatives;

  • Employ and represent a multiplicity of cultures and gender diversity;

  • Seek to accommodate those employees with special needs;

  • Provide staff with a safe working environment and working methodology;

  • Offer all employees a paid Volunteers Day each year where they can nominate a charity or good cause to physically support for one day at the company’s expense.

Each year we identify a wide variety of worthwhile causes to support in Australia and New Zealand. These include charitable events, community participation or sponsorship by members of our staff or contractors, or supporting our clients in their endeavours.

In addition, FinXL’s policy is to put in place practices that support the environment including:

  • Conducting business in a manner that is environmentally responsible having regard to innovation and best practice, including selection of appropriatepremises and suppliers;

  • Having in place appropriate environmental management systems/strategies, including procedures to reduce energy consumption and manage waste;

  • Providing necessary resources and investment to implement appropriate environmental systems/strategies;

  • Obtaining input from, and providing appropriate training to, relevant staff to ensure engagement in environmental systems/strategies and accountability for our actions;

  • Monitoring and modifying the wider Finite Group environmental systems/strategies to ensure compliance with changing laws, standards and community attitudes; and

  • Achieving ongoing improvement in environmental management and pollution prevention.

FinXL promotes and requires participation in its environmental targets by its employees, contractors, suppliers and office visitors.

Active Strategies to enhance Environmental Management

Paper, Printing and Recycling
The daily business operations are constantly adapting to reduce consumption of paper and encourage recycling through dramatically reducing our printing requirements by:

    • Investment in online filing and CRM systems and use of document sharing applications and tools;

    • Adoption of electronic signatures on contracts;

    • Use of electronic invoicing systems;

    • Use of online timesheet management systems; and

    • Use of editable PDFs instead of paper forms.

Where paper is used, we encourage:

    • double-sided/reduced size printing;

    • use of brands of paper that support sustainable development and engage in environmentally friendly paper production.

  • We provide several facilities to recycle all relevant materials such as steel, aluminium, glass, paper, cardboard and recyclable plastics. These facilities are easilyaccessible throughout our offices and are accompanied by poster signage to encourage green practices within our teams.

  • Our focus on proper e-waste disposal is implemented across all offices by engaging with companies that collect and dispose of batteries, ICT equipment and other carbon-related products in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner.

  • We have shifted towards digital marketing of external and internal events through virtual professional network platforms.

Energy andElectricity
FinXL selects office premises where the building management are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and we encourage energy efficiency wherever possible, including:

  • Aiming to occupy energy efficient office premises (NABERS/NABERSNZ rating of 3.0+);

  • Employing the use of automated lighting switches, environmentally conscious wattage fittings (where safe and practicable) and use low energy office equipment from fridges and dishwashers to servers and computer towers. We have reduced our energy consumption by switching from larger ICT towers to compact hard drives that are energy efficient;

  • Endeavouring to shut down printers, computer equipment and VC units after hours and over weekends to reduce electricity consumption; and

  • Monitoring and regulating heating and cooling outputs in our offices to ensure adequate ventilation, insulation and air-filtration whilst being considerate of energy consumption through the use of thermostatic controls and high-level insulants in new building/works or alterations.

FinXL recognises the scarcity of the world’s water resources and encourages water-saving activities whenever possible throughout its workspaces and facilities, including:

  • Installing Zip water filter systems in our kitchens that are more energy efficient and less conducive to water wastage than operating multiple separate heating and cooling appliances;

  • Providing filtered chilled water along with complimentary reusable water bottles greatly discourages the purchase of bottled drinking water amongst our team;

  • Including coffee and tea-making facilities in kitchens to reduce excess resource consumption and packaging waste created by take-away beverages;

  • Taking into account energy and water usage ratings in selecting office appliances; and

  • Ensuring our office spaces abide by NABERS/NABERSNZ water ratings which aim to promote the importance of water savings and ethical resource management.

Office Management
FinXL engages with responsible and ethical suppliers to assist in minimising its environmental impact, including:

  • Buying from suppliers that support responsible material sourcing and use sustainable packaging, including using FSC-certified paper, tissues and stationary, buying ethically sourced tea and coffee and preferring caterers who use recycled and recyclable packaging;

  • Aiming to hold events at venues that have sustainable practices and are conscious of their environmental obligations and source ethical products; and

  • Installing live plants throughout our offices to improve air quality and enhance the working environment.

Travel and Pollution
FinXL aims to reduce its carbon footprint by discouraging unnecessary travel, including:

  • Investing in sophisticated video conferencing facilities and online meeting platforms to reduce the need for travel and encourage online engagement;

  • Encouraging online interviews and meetings and provide meeting rooms with superior technology to support this;

  • Hosting virtual events, across various locations, to reduce travel and pollution;

  • Paying the carbon offset on flights booked for business purposes;

  • Hybrid working allowing staff to work from home to reduce road pollution and rail congestion;

  • Encouraging car-pooling and sharing of taxis; and

  • Selecting premises with ‘end of trip’ and bike storage facilities to encourage cycling to work.

FinXL aims to continue to fulfil its environmental, social and governance responsibilities by further developing our policies and sustainable practices for our people, our communities and our planet. It is our mission to continue to promote the importance of these practices and initiatives within our organisation and to extend this to our staff, our suppliers and our clients.