Associate Program

Fast track your career as an IT Consultant

Our award-winning Associate Program gives you the skills and technical experience you need to excel in your career.

As one of our Associates, you will have the opportunity to work with some of Australia's
most reputable brands to deliver key IT projects. For example:

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From the start of the program, you will work on real projects and alongside some of the brightest and most intelligent people
in the Information Technology industry. This program will provide you with invaluable experience from a variety of different
industry sectors, all of which will be ASX listed companies that will look great on your CV!

As an Associate, you will meet enthusiastic, like-minded people who will encourage you to learn new things, whilst working in
dynamic and diverse environments. Not only will you expand your technical IT skill set, but you will also develop your business
​and leadership skills which will ultimately set you apart from the rest. 

There are infinite possibilities with FinXL and we will help you develop in your specialised field. ​

Support & Engagement

We believe that the first steps in your career roadmap performance and growth so we are committed to continuously support your development.

As a FinXL Associate, you can expect regular contact, ongoing support, guidance and development during your assignments.
​Your FinXL Account Manager will be there to assist your technical and HR support.

Do you have what it takes? 

To be considered eligible for our Associate Program, you will need:

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    A BSc or MSc in
    Engineering Science,
    Computer Science,
    ​Business Administration or equivalent

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    A passion for IT and
    the ability to see the
    bigger picture 

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    A good overall IT knowledge
    and the ability to ​learn
    things quickly​ 

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    Right to work full time
    ​anywhere in Australia​

The Opportunities Are Endless...Where Will Your IT Career Take You?​ ​ ​​

​Apply For Our 2022 Associate Program 

What our Clients have to say...

“I just left a sprint backlog refinement and Brayden has a better idea about what has been done and what needs to be done than the SCRUM Master. His confidence is fantastic and the Architects (three very senior people) were all listening to Brayden. He took control beautifully.”

Jenni, Agile Coach

“Mikael received a shout out from our Director at our face to face workshop with national stakeholders and Commonwealth Government representatives yesterday. Mikael was put on the spot to read out the actions and handled the situation admirably. I was so proud!”

Kerri, Project Lead

“Patrick exceeds expectations.  Has taken ownership for a major presentation / forum. Excellent preparation. And has shown some leadership. Very impressive.” 

Joseph, Manager