The telecommunications industry is undergoing a major shift to adapt to rapid technological change and consumer empowerment.

There is significant responsibility placed on telecom providers to invest in the digital communications infrastructure that will shape Australia and New Zealand’s future, and they must navigate the technical challenges plus customer and broader community expectations. This has been witnessed in the recent National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout in Australia, and now the deployment of 5G technology which is poised to provide the connectivity to power our smart cars and homes, industries and cities.

FinXL has a wealth of experience since 2003 assisting telecom providers in innovation and can facilitate their ambitions through the delivery of cutting-edge technologies, project management, and talent solutions.

We have unique business solutions with a customer-centric approach. We have an in-depth understanding of the telco space and provide you with competent end-to-end solutions.

"​Delivering future focused communications personnel to Australia's largest telecommunications providers"