In communicating with the Finite Group (all brands*) - whether you are talking to its representatives in person, phone or video call; exchanging emails or texts; applying for jobs through job portals; communicating through a client portal or otherwise exchanging information - the following terms apply:

  • Privacy – If you provide any personal information to the Finite Group, you consent to that information being collected, handled, stored, used, transmitted and/or destroyed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.  Please notify us if you do not consent to Finite Group using your personal information in this way (  Your consent will be relied on unless and until it is withdrawn by contacting the Finite Group Privacy Officer using the above email address.

  • Security – Although we have appropriate security software and follow robust security procedures, we cannot guarantee the security of email transmissions or accept liability for any interception or virus/malware transmitted through emails or other electronic means.  Please ensure you have your own security software in place to screen for issues and protect your systems and exercise caution in opening email attachments/suspicious communications.

  • Terms of engagement – If you receive recruitment/consulting services from the Finite Group (including receiving a candidate’s details, profile or CV), our T&Cs for Introduction of a Candidate apply unless and until alternative terms are agreed in writing between the parties’ authorised representatives.

  • Confidentiality – Finite Group’s emails (and other communications) may contain confidential information belonging to the Finite Group and are only intended for disclosure to, and use by, the intended recipient.  You must not forward on a Finite Group email or its documentation/information without the sender’s/owner’s express consent.    

  • Disclaimer - Any views expressed by a Finite Group staff member, contractor, candidate or representative (in email, online, on social media or otherwise) are those of the individual, unless specifically stated to be the views of the Finite Group.  The Finite Group accepts no liability for those individual’s personal views (including any resulting defamation or infringement of rights). 

  • Messages received in error - If you receive an email/message/document in error (e.g. you are not the intended recipient), please notify the sender immediately and delete the information from your inbox/system without saving a copy.  You may not copy, distribute or rely on a message sent to you in error, and Finite Group will have no liability to you in terms of the content of such an email/message/document or its disclosure to you.

*References to the Finite Group includes:

- for Finite– Finite Recruitment, Finite920 and Rowben; and

- for FinXL– FinXL IT Professional Services, XL digital and Southern Cross Computing.