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4 marketing technology innovations critical to your digital transformation

The rate of development for marketing technology (or martech) is much higher than its uptake. Keeping up with the deluge is impossible, so how can your company get the most out of the ever-advancing field without being overwhelmed?

Martech exists to improve customer experience. Focusing on the innovations that are most critical to satisfaction and results, rather than becoming distracted by all else that is on offer, is vital.

Here are our choices for the four most important innovations within martech currently.


Custom application programming interfaces (APIs)

Marketing occurs across multiple channels all at once. Maintaining an overall view of what is happening is essential to using the data to optimise techniques. Custom APIs allows your company to do just that. You can track the results that stem from a paid ad directly and alter your marketing based on the outcome.

With marketing occurring on so many different channels, having something that tracks it all is essential.


Modern marketing automation platform

With a marketing automation platform, customer experience is automated across all channels. Investing in the right platform as part of your digital transformation allows you to control and personalise the online experience for everyone, whether customer or prospect.

This technology allows your company to try new things and become more innovative with their marketing techniques. To do so effectively, ensure your team is comfortable with changing things up and creating new marketing practices.


Customer tracking

If you're not observing and learning from your customers' behaviours you're missing out on an opportunity to optimise your marketing strategy. Tracking user behaviour, both online and off, allows you to:


  • Understand who your marketing is attracting.

  • What they're looking for.

  • How they interact with your brand.

  • What turns them away.

All of this behavioural data allows you to create a more personalised experience and smooth out the process. With the innovations happening in this area that allow companies to more effectively track their customers and prospects, you can follow how your marketing tactics are working both online and in the real world.


Data analysis

Another martech innovation that's crucial for your digital transformation is data analysis. Without a way to assess how your marketing strategies are working and understand the results you can't create an effective marketing strategy.

Your company needs a way to quickly, efficiently, and accurately process the data it collects as part of your digital transformation. A fast analysis means you can quickly instigate what you learn into your strategy or see if certain techniques are creating the results you are hoping for. Invest in a way to analyse your data that generates detailed reports. These should be easily accessible and understandable for everyone who needs to use them to get the best results.

Marketing technology should have one overall aim - improving customer experience. If you'd like help deciding what innovations best support that in your company's digital transformation, contact FinXL today.