FinXL has been a key partner to one of Australia's leading banking and financial institutions for over a decade, providing support to bridge skills gaps, including volume resource support, specialist skills gap supply, and supplementing programs across technical and non-technical business divisions.

The brief was to promote cultural transformation by addressing gender diversity and creating long-term benefits for talent and knowledge retention. FinXL quickly developed a project plan to cover these strategies around sourcing, screening, and running the program to ensure capturing the market.

The Solution
An initial workshop was established with the key talent manager to discuss objectives, including timelines, deliverables, positions, and role types. Key considerations to the solution included:

  • Developing an efficient and time-effective process.

  • Implementing sourcing strategies to capture high-quality, technically aligned graduates with the right cultural fit.

  • Providing a positive experience for both the candidate and client.

  • Setting up an account management structure with a key contact for the client.

  • Assigning sourcing and candidate care specialists responsible for executing sourcing strategies and managing candidate care components pre and post-placement.

  • Appointing a National Account Director to facilitate status meetings and action items.

  • Implementing "speed dating interview scenarios."

The APM program's success was driven by the graduates themselves buying into the program's objectives, being enthusiastic, taking ownership, and direction, and most importantly, understanding what it's like to be part of a large, complex program. FinXL provided the foundations for the opportunity to excel, and the graduates made valuable contributions to each program's success to date.

The team has seen a huge benefit of bringing on Associates at a lower cost and giving them a chance to gain experience than bringing in more experienced, more expensive resources. I often hear 'Could an Associate do this?'.
The program has matured to a level where the interviewing process is streamlined, and the agency screens candidates based on our strict set of requirements.
Our strong relationship within them means they send a caliber of interviewees that makes it easy for us to make a decision. The best thing about the Associates is their energy, enthusiasm, and thirst for knowledge/experience.

FinXL met all the program's requirements and supported the business, leading to global recognition, winning the Best IT/Telecommunications Project at this year's 2022 IPMA Global Project Excellence Awards. The Associate program was an integral part of the team's delivery successes and key business stakeholders to the transformation project. This was a huge achievement and well-deserved global recognition of the Defined Wide Area Network Technology. The deployment installed and configured 5000 devices in nine months, delivering bandwidth increases of ten times at 50% of the cost, completing three months ahead of schedule and under budget.

Key Success Factors Key factors to the program's success were:

  • Relationship management and staying in close touch with the main stakeholders.

  • Conducting regular status meetings to ensure key milestones were kept on track and any issues addressed.

  • Experienced account working on this program.

  • Committed leadership within the account ensured the teams met deliverables.