Building up over many years, a major bank’s core network had become 11 networks bolted together. Parts of the network were also reaching “end of life.” Through a number of business acquisitions, they had inherited a variety of systems, thus creating a veritable Frankenstein’s monster of a network. This presented as a major issue for their business continuity, ongoing costs and delivery of services.

To address these issues, the Security and Network Services Infrastructure Delivery Portfolio was established.  This involved the setup and delivery of a Core Network Transformation program and the renewal of Managed Services contracts with major Partners.

Whilst completing the core network transformation, the bank was consistently looking for a more cost-effective method to deliver the work. They also wanted to maintain the work onshore, so as to mitigate some of the negativity that can be associated with offshoring work.

Our solution was to utilise our Associate (Graduate) Program to support the initiative. We were able to take highly skilled recent Graduates and place them amongst the existing teams within the bank. This method allowed us to deliver value through:

  • culture – instant injection of enthusiasm and energy
  • taking administrative pain away from more senior people
  • providing a low-cost alternative
  • supporting diversity goals
  • a ‘try and buy’ transition to Permanent employment with the bank, where it makes sense
  • FinXL support/training of our Associates to ensure they were abreast of the latest trends.

The resulting benefits to the bank are:

  • reduced costs in the delivery of the Network Transformation program
  • several of the Associates have gone onto permanent roles with the bank, thus providing a further saving in recruitment fees and providing continuity of IP
  • brand recognition that the bank is investing in local talent of the future.