Lead generation is important for any commercial organisation, but often the quality metrics around this activity get overlooked. This presents a massive missed opportunity for any business blinded by the pursuit of the volume of leads rather than identifying how to focus on the quality of their leads.

This is no different for our client, a major bank spanning the ANZ region, who recognised that their lead generation process was not optimal.

The trickle of leads coming through either outbound campaigns or inbound queries would often end up in the wrong areas of the bank or were not allocated at all. On top of that, the quality of information was poor, so provided very little use to the sales staff when these leads reached them.

Money and opportunity were falling through the cracks, so something needed to change.

To address this issue, FinXL’s Analytics & Data Science Services assisted in developing a lead generation analysis and reporting capability. The solution developed was to implement the Unica Omni Channel Decision Engine.  

The reason for going with Unica was because of its ability to deliver the following capabilities to the bank:

  • A flexible, easy-to-use flowchart user interface to manage campaign logic, audience segmentation, exclusions, and assignment of offers and channels.
  • A marketing system of record that serves as the central repository for creating, reusing and tracking campaign building blocks such as audiences, segments, offers, treatments, and exclusion rules.
  • Creation of a complete history for each customer and prospect including contacts made, offers presented, context and campaign details, and response actions.
  • Campaign execution capability including the ability to schedule multiple campaign waves, access external data repositories from multiple sources, and output campaign data in limitless formats.
  • Reporting and analysis - standard campaign reports and other tools used for performance analysis. The solution’s flexible and open data mart allows custom data fields to be incorporated into reports.

The resulting benefit means the bank can prioritise customer lead generation for their Retail Branches, Mobile Lending, and Commercial Banking teams. These teams now benefit from:

  • prospects ending up in the right area (Banking Team and location)
  • leads being provided on time
  • the quality of information enabling a targeted conversation around Customer Needs.

Now the bank knows why they are getting the leads that they get and is able to act on them appropriately.