Client Challenge

The Strategy and Operations division of a large Telco was required to design and build a commercial solution which ultimately would improve their customers’ experience when they moved home or business.

FinXL Solution

FinXL delivered what was known as the Moves Program of Work. FinXL was engaged to provide capability to manage and enable this multi-faceted program of work across Business Units and deliver a range of initiatives to improve customers’ experience when they moved home or business.

FinXL was engaged by the General Manager of Strategy and Operations to ultimately design and build this solution. The FinXL team developed a business case and solution set that was signed-off and endorsed by the Business Initiative Sponsor to proceed with implementation, based on agreed application acceptance criteria.

This involved the FinXL Team:

  • reviewing existing processes
  • conducting detailed business analysis and documentation
  • presenting solution design options supported by detailed project plans and associated financial budgets
  • developing, implementing and testing solutions
  • deploying training and operational support.

Client Benefit

The Program of Work which FinXL delivered considerably improved the customer experience when they moved home or business. The aims of the Program of Work delivered were to:

  • reduce current leakage experienced during customer moves
  • increase overall customer satisfaction and advocacy.

Both outcomes were successfully achieved.